My little garden ….

… and monkeys.

In the beginning of November I threw some pumpkin pips onto my compost heap. With nearly three weeks of just about constant rain they quickly germinated. But being la-di-da seeds the vine did not, as usual grow along the ground but decided to grow up the washing line.


It looked rather spectacular so I left it to do its thing.

Eventually a pumpkin started developing.


But then my good friends, the Vervet Monkeys discovered it and decided to check if it was ripe enough to eat.


Not quite to their taste so they left some.

A few days later  I watched about five of them swinging on the vine and chomping at the pumpkin. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me but believe me, they made an unholy mess of the plant and the pumpkin came loose from its mooring. So I decide to pull the whole lot down and add it to the compost heap. (Un)fortunately I did not have time to chop up the pumpkin so this afternoon the monkeys were back again!



And they had a glorious time!

No pumpkin for me but what the hell! Live and let live!



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2 Responses to My little garden ….

  1. Pussycat44 says:

    It’s the natural thing to do 🙂

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