My Beach, My Bitch.

My telephone and Internet connections went down yesterday, the special March 14, 2015 especially at 09:26:53 when the date and time could be written 3.141592653 – π (or Pi), and only came back on late, late yesterday afternoon by which time I was totally tired having moved the Video Recorder for security cameras to a less obvious place where it cannot be easily stolen and starting the repair on the bathroom ceiling through which some criminals entered my house a week or so ago.


Which all meant crawling around in the ceiling. Not the most comfortable place to be working. But it is not much good having security cameras and them then stealing the recorder. So it had to be done.

Then, an hour’s training session in the afternoon and a visit to the beach with Cindy. It being low tide and no waves breaking on the shore she was actually quite happy to venture closer to the water.






She has been getting a lot better on the ‘recall’ but can look ridiculous when moving at high speed across the beach sand

Saint Beach

With kids and other dogs Cindy is rather fantastic but very few other dogs want to play with her. Most, and especially Rottweilers and Pit Bulls, seem to be intimidated by her, put their tails between their legs and run a mile when they see her. Most frustrating for a Saint puppy who only wants to play though there is one very young Pit Bull cross something that occasionally plays with her.



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4 Responses to My Beach, My Bitch.

  1. Pussycat44 says:

    Lovely pictures. I’m glad Cindy is getting used to the beach.
    Bugger those bloody awful thieves.

  2. that’s sad…but the critter photos make up for it all…great ones…and your beach of course…have a happy day!

  3. Fabulous photos of Cindy having fun. So sorry about the burglary. I have other friends who’ve just suffered a robbery too. *sigh*

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