Cindy and the Guide Dogs . .

Date: 6 December 2014
Time: 09h00
Place: The Hillside Mall, Bluff, Durban.
Occasion: Annual street collection for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

Once a year the Bluff Dog Club members and their dogs help the Guide Dogs Association with their annual street collection and this year Cindy and I spent two hours doing just that!

And we collected a lot of money! How much we will know later but we did fill two collection boxes. One got so full of paper money that coins would not go in anymore!

We had a small problem on arrival at the venue though. Imagine the scene. One man with:
A bag (the famous PnP green bag) containing her water, water bowl and a rope to go around the pillar to tie her to.
A ‘dog walking’ bag, containing my little cellphone, poop scoops (plastic bags and cardboard sheets. Put a cardboard sheet into the plastic bag. Use another piece of cardboard to move the poo onto the bag, fold the bag back over the poo and dirty cardboard and voila! No touchee, no feelee), treats, point-and-shoot camera and spring clips.
A bag containing collection boxes for the people who would be collecting after us, stickers, posters and a letter authorising the street collection.
One boisterous 62 kg puppy.

Using a spring clip I temporarily fastened Cindy to one of the table/bench combinations belonging to a fast food restaurant on which nobody was sitting and they were not open anyway because of load shedding, while I manoeuvred the rope around the pillar.
Here is a good tip for people who walk their dogs and occasionally want to or have to, tie them down.


Within seconds the manageress of the fast food outlet was there, just about dirtying her best G-String because I tied my puppy to her bench. She knew full well that the street collection was happening that day. How to attract customers and show some public spirit!

But Cindy was a star! Hardly a moment went by during the two hours that she was not petted, patted, scratched, stroked, rubbed and generally fiddled with, much to her delight!

That it helps to have a REAL dog with you when collecting for dogs was proven by a lady who told me that she had decided not to give any money but when she saw the dog she had to pat it and felt that she could not do that without putting money in the collection tin and she stuffed a handful of big coins into it.

But the highlight of my day was when Cindy put her head into the lap of a very old and obviously, judging from his clothing, poor black man who only had one eye and who was sitting on a bench just within her reach. He patted her on the head, smiled, got up and put 50c into the tin and said something in Zulu, which I do not understand but was later translated for me as words to the effect of “Now, that was very good”. That was one huge donation and strengthened my resolve to train her as a Therapy dog. And that she can be trained, stubborn as she is, is proven by the fact that she fetches my paper from the driveway every morning and has been doing so ever since the third day after she joined me.


(My thanks to The Mercury’s delivery people for putting my paper in a plastic bag every day. Without that my paper would really be slobbery!)

I took some pictures, which was not easy but such as they are here they are

Wearing her collection sticker.

Wearing her collection sticker.

Being patted

Being patted

Looking for her next "victim"

Looking for her next “victim”

A moment's respite!

A moment’s respite!

A very tiring but very rewarding day was had by all!

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5 Responses to Cindy and the Guide Dogs . .

  1. Pussycat44 says:

    Nice one, Krags. We had a collection here a few weeks ago and the lady had a lovely dog to pat.
    Last Saturday, at our Village Christmas Market the Guide-dog people also came with their pups-in-training wearing a large red L on their collars.

  2. newsferret says:

    Cindy is a beeyoooty all round, not only seeing her but also her being. How I wish she can meet up with the two here. OK, OK we will be the loosers as they will govern 🙂

  3. She is just so gorgeous Krag.

  4. What a great effort on the part of Cindy and yourself. How could anyone resist patting and stroking her? I hope you collected lots of money for this worthy cause. I think that manageress must have got out of the wrong side of the bed. Such a misery! I think it’s a wonderful idea to train Cindy as a therapy dog, and I loved the story about the Zulu man. 🙂

  5. Paula says:

    She looks like a lovely and spirited dog 🙂

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